Web Tenders: R30 000 - R200 000

  • Bidders attention is specifically drawn to the provisions of the scope of works of bid and the conditions of bid which are included in the bidding documents.
  • ERWAT reserves the right to not accept the lowest bid, to award the bid to more than one bidder, to award the bid in part or to not award the bid at all and the bidders will have no claim of any kind in this regard.
  • No faxed or e-mailed bids will be accepted.
  • You may consider your bid to be unsuccessful if ERWAT has not contacted you within 90 days of submission thereof.  ERWAT does however advertise the awards of the bids on its website.

Vendor Registration

Verification of Matters with SARS

  • Bidders are required to ensure that their tax matters are in order and can submit their pin with authorisation as stipulated in the bidding document.

Submission of Bids 

Web Tender Boxes Submission situated at ERWAT Head Office: 

  • Completed tenders / quotations must be in a sealed envelope clearly marked with bid number and description may be hand delivered and deposited in the stipulated TENDER BOX (marked Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday respectively) at ERWAT Head Office, Hartebeestfontein Office Park, Bapsfontein Road, Kempton Park, on the said closing date on or before 12:00 pm.
  • No faxed bids/proposals shall be accepted.  In the event of uncertainty, kindly visit the receptionist situated at the FOYER of the main building for clarity.
  • Please note that bids not received on the specific time and date will be marked as late bids/proposals and such bids/proposals will, in terms of the Supply Chain Management Policy of ERWAT, not be considered by ERWAT as valid bids/proposals.
  • Complete quotations with supporting documents must be sealed and externally endorsed with BID NUMBER and marked with the full DESCRIPTION and placed in the relevant Bid Box as stipulated in the advertisement and/or bidding document.
  • Bidders may attend the web-tender opening sessions in the event of submitting a tender in the web-tender boxes.

Electronic Submissions:

  • Bidders may submit their web-bids via e-mail:  webtenders@erwat.co.za in a PDF format only.
  • Bidders must complete the SUBJECT BOX with the relevant web-tender number and full description as advertised.
  • Failure to include this may render your bid invalid.
  • Please note that bids submitted electronically must be in the above e-mail address on or before 12:00 of the stipulated closing date.  No electronic submissions received after 12:00 will be considered for recording and or evaluation.
  • Bidders may submit documents and attachments up to 10MB.
  • Bidders will be required to compress their file to a compact PDF format.
  • In the event that larger files are sent to the e-mail address, it will be received in ERWAT’s Mimecast site.
  • Bidders must please note that the Mimecast does not accept zipped files, only PDF files.
  • In the event that bidders are required to submit samples, it is advised that they submit electronically and submit in the tender boxes and attend the opening session.

Please Note:
  MIMECAST only retains the mails received with attachments larger than 10mb for 3 days.  Please ensure that your submission falls within access to such within this time frame.

NB: In the event that an electronic version and a hard copy is delivered for a respective bid, the signed hard copy submitted in the tender box will prevail and the electronic copy will be disregarded.

  • Please note that the web-tender boxes will be opened first and recorded in the web-tender register on the date and time stipulated in the advertisement and or bid documents.  The relevant buyer responsible for the placement of the ad on the web-tender folder will directly thereafter peruse the web-tender e-mail and download the relevant web-tender, print and record such in the same register.
  • ERWAT will access the e-mail thread from the individual e-mail responses received for audit trail that will be attached to the relevant bidder’s response received.

The following documents are available for download for ease of reference


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