Quotations: Transactions less than R30 000

  • Please note that bidders are required to register with National Treasury’s Centralised Supplier Database  (CSD) and must submit proof of such with all bids of ERWAT.
  • Bidders' attention is specifically drawn to the Conditions of Tender which are included in the tender documents.
  • ERWAT reserves the right to not accept the lowest bid, to award the bid to more than one bidder, to award the bid in part or to not award the bid at all and the bidders will have no claim of any kind in this regard.
  • Submission of quotations via e-mail to rfq@erwat.co.za.
  • The subject line must only contain the RFQ number, quotations that do not following these conventions will not be considered.
  • ERWAT reserves the right to obtain additional quotations.
  • If ERWAT has not contacted within 90 days of submission please consider your quote unsuccessful.


Telephone: +27 11 929 7000

Facsimile: +27 11 929 7031


General email: mail@erwat.co.za

Laboratory email: laboratory@erwat.co.za

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