Delivering Excellence in Specialized Water-Related Solutions such as Industrial Wastewater Management

Well-managed skills and services available throughout South Africa

ERWAT’s main responsibility is to ensure that water resources are used sustainably and protected from pollution.

Through its commercial wing, Commercial Business, ERWAT is dedicated to improving the quality of water discharged into the wastewater system through the management and operation of industrial effluent plants, providing professional operational support and laboratory services to external/private clients.

ERWAT Commercial Business provides consistent and excellent water and wastewater solutions, skills and services not only to industries, but also to well as municipalities, government departments and state-owned entities.

It also strategically focuses on sludge beneficiation and water reclamation.

Market segments

All the core and primary services offered by ERWAT Commercial Business are offered to industries such as:

  • Power, pulp and paper
  • Municipalities, associations, memberships
  • Mining sector, oil and gas
  • Food and beverage, manufacturing

Strategically positioned towards the enhancement of the market and delivering excellence in specialised water-related services, success lies in:

  • The building of partnerships
  • Building focused customer relationships
  • Return on Operating Costs (ROC)
  • Continuous improvement projects

ERWAT Commercial Business follows a partnered approach and offers customers expertise in industrial problem point source identification and mapping as immediate point source mitigation advice.

With years of experience and expertise, ERWAT Commercial Business has developed an in-depth range of products and services geared towards managing plants, plant operations, process optimisation and laboratory analysis through ERWAT’s SANAS 17025 accredited laboratory.

Customer benefits:

  • Environmental compliance issues through a complete Water Plant Management offering
  • Customers focusing on their core business instead of intricate water compliance issues
  • Expertise in industrial problem point source identification and mapping and immediate point source mitigation advice
  • Immediate ROC and continuous improvement projects through identifying ways of minimising raw material usage and/or recovery of final product through point source identification and mapping (instant profitability realisation)
  • Independent quality assurance services for compliance purposes and ERWAT’s ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory accreditation
  • Transferring skills, improving capacity and where possible local job creation

Core and primary services include:

  • Complete water plant management through a range of products and services geared towards managing plants, plant operations and process optimisation.
  • Management and operation of on-site quality laboratories created from scratch or taking over and improving the analytical and management standards of existing laboratories.
  • Professional support and services through plant audits, plant optimisation, water quality monitoring and compliance monitoring analysis, sludge analysis and classification and in-house and off-site implementation of municipal by-laws and tariffs

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