Bid Number : FPQ202103/002
Bid Validity Period: 90 days
Closing Date: 2021-03-09 12:00 pm

Compulsory Briefing: No

Issuing Department: Supply Chain Management

Contact Person [Supply Chain]: Zanele
Contact Number: 0119297050

Contact Person [Technical]: Stefanus Weyers
Contact Number: 0119038568

  Download Tender Document

Disclaimer for the Downloading of Bid Documents:

Potential bidders may download the bid document from the ERWAT tender site free of charge. Bidders must however note that it remains their responsibility to print the full document and any omissions submitted due to not printing the full tender document may result in your bid being identified as being non-responsive and disqualified.

Bidders may not alter the downloaded document in any form what so-ever. If such action is found, the bidders document summarily be disqualified.

ERWAT will not be held liable for bidders submitting incorrect documents or supporting documents.

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