Specialising in the Treatment of Wastewater

ERWAT Plant Management & Operation

Specialising in the management and treatment of bulk wastewater, ERWAT manages 19 wastewater treatment works which receive both domestic and industrial wastewater. The design capacity of the individual works varies from 1 megalitre per day to as high as 170 megalitres per day.

Rapid urbanisation and industrial growth demand additional wastewater treatment capacity to meet all the wastewater treatment needs within reasonable cost. To this end, ERWAT’s strategic approach is regionalisation (closure of smaller wastewater treatment works) as well as the extension of existing and building of new works.

All ERWAT wastewater treatment works (WWTW) are subject to strict standards, therefore each WWTW has a Water Use Authorisation licence or an exemption issued by the Department of Water and Sanitation, which prescribes the conditions which the WWTW is expected to meet during operation – effluent quality being one of them.

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