ERWAT Research and Development

ERWAT is committed to partake in results-driven research that is not only aligned with the strategic objectives of the company, but also with national and international goals and objectives for the water and sanitation sectors. Our research focusses on a variety of topics ranging from the improvement of effluent quality, better operational efficiencies, reducing operational costs, improving laboratory test methods, and better understanding water treatment and the natural environment, urban resilience, public health and the impact of pollutants of emerging concern.

ERWAT recognised the value that lies in forming strong research partnerships and collaborations with universities and institutes both locally and internationally. The Water Institute at the Stellenbosch University currently hosts the ERWAT Chair in Wastewater Research. To date, the chair produced various Masters and PhD degrees and in return, ERWAT is offered the opportunity to participate as industrial partner in international collaborations – e.g. SafeWaterAfrica. ERWAT also collaborates with the University of Pretoria, the University of Johannesburg and WITS University.

As a water care company, ERWAT actively seeks participation in local forums and reference groups, providing technical inputs and guidance on projects related to water and sanitation. ERWAT is an active member of various national and international institutes.


Archer Et Al (2020) – Estrogenicity

October 13th, 2020|

Investigating (anti) estrogenic activities within South African wastewater and receiving surface waters: Implication for reliable monitoring Archer Et Al (2020) - Estro... by ERWAT

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