Green Drop Certification System


The Green Drop Certification programme seeks to identify and develop the core competencies required for the Water Sector that if strengthened, will gradually and sustainably improve the level of wastewater management in South Africa. ERWAT considers GD certification to be a critical driver to improve wastewater management and has aligned its current performance monitoring and management systems with the principles of the GD Certification system. The Green Drop assessments are conducted on a quarterly basis in line with GD criteria to measure the performance of the plants as per 10-year plan published by the Department of Water and Sanitation.

Green Drop Requirements

The table below highlight the criteria used for the Green Drop assessments including the weight per criteria:

KPA No. New GD Criteria 2015 %
1 Risk Abatement Planning 20
2 Technical Skills 10
3 Operational, Maintenance, Monitoring 10
4 Effluent Compliance 30
5 Sludge and Solids Management 5
6 Management Accountability & Local Regulation 10
7 Asset Management 15

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